Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fun Cooking

Have you ever checked out this website? I have so much fun with the recipes I find there. There are several for making orange chicken, like they have a Panda Express". After making it as the original recipe says to, I adapt to using pantry items and skinnying it up to make it healthier.

Be sure to check out the website and see what you can find that your family will love!

Cream Cheese . . . and It was Good!

This morning I used the cream cheese that was draining over night, tasted it and was wowed! There was no powdered milk taste at all. I may have finally hit on the secret. I heated it up and then let it cool before I started the rest of the process.

I wrote up the process a while back and realized that it was just to complex for most to even want to attempt it. This weekend I made a batch, tweeked it a little and came up with a winner!

So, now I am rewriting the directions and editing the pictures of the normal equipment I used, that should be found in most kitchens.

It may take me a day or two so please be patient !