Wednesday, January 5, 2011


  • I do NOT make New Year's Resolutions.  I have found that I am normal and make unrealistic goals, too many.  That is the way to set a person up for total and complete failure and then they can find all time lows when they "beat" themselves up for "failing".

  • I doubt that I am the only one who has been doing a little extra (OK, tons!) cleaning with the intention of setting my house in order, literally and "biblically".    Something about taking down holiday decorations just makes a soul want clean and clutter free!

  • I made the mistake of accumulating too much food storage too quickly and lost my living room for about three years.  I had been using it as a kind of warehouse while refurbishing other rooms, one at a time. It was just the room we all walked through to get to the rest of the house  ;-D 
  • To make things worse, I stacked bulk food storage in one, then two back corners behind the stacks of furniture, etc.  I was gathering extra to help each of my children's families get started.  I jumped into all of this without a good plan, just felt like it was important to gather food while my husband's income would support it.  We felt sure that leaner times were coming.   It was good to gather the food, let me make that clear,  I just needed a better and more complete plan.  Time proved we right about the net take home pay. We are grateful for the guidance we were given and that we felt enough urgency to heed it.

Loooong story not quite so long, I had 4 mice get into the house when the weather turned cold, they had a hay day so I lost some of the foods that had not been stored away, had such chaos surrounding me that it was almost paralyzing, and just lost control of pretty much everything.

  1. All of the foods have been packaged for long term preservation and now I am inventorying, and creating a chart to track it's use and replacement and creating a little more storing capability that is out of the way but has easy access.
  2. I will be sharing all of this as I go along.  Some will be by reposting old posts, by sharing links to great information and by new posts.
  3. Due to the anticipated in reduction in my husband's reduced net take home pay and easier access,  we are using our storage more.  I plan to share new ideas as I come up with them or will share the links to other sites when I find ideas that help me.