Friday, February 26, 2010

Rip Off Friday ?!?!?!

I know, I'm supposed be making the perfect cake for my little grandson, Wincoln (if your Big brother Garrett, or Yincoln if your big cousin, Tati). How should I spell his name (Lincoln) on his cake? Just too many choices.

Anyway I was "checking my email" and of course that includes blogs. I ran across this one and it made me pretty dad gum hungry just looking at the pictures and reading the cooking ideas. So check it out for me while I go and make a "Monkey Cake."

Yes, here I go again, ripping off another blog. This delicious looking chicken came from "Our Best Bites". It has a great post about cooking chicken breasts and has all the right precautions, suggestions . . . . the works. Be sure to check it out right HERE

Be sure to pay attention to the precautions. After taking some food science classes at University of AZ years ago, I have been so careful about contamination in the kitchen. Too many of us tend to become complacent and can cause lots of bad days for our family, if we're lucky and don't cause some very serious illnesses.