Saturday, June 19, 2010

Have you Checked Out This Website?

I was cruising around and ran across this website again.  For some good giggles and pointers, check it out.  He is good at teaching some very basic cooking principles!  Cook Like your Grandmother


My SIL told me about having this pie a couple of years ago and it sounded so yummy!

Here is how I made it.


12 oz peach nectar
1 T. lemon juice
3 T. cornstarch
1/2 C. sugar  (plan to double in the next pie)
4 peaches (about 3.5" to 4 " diameter)
1 baked 8" pie crust  HERE  (I don't have a post for crust and I know hers is great!)
Whipped topping (your choice)


1--Mix nectar, sugar and cornstarch in pan.  Heat until mixture thickens.  Cool in fridge .
2--Make the pie crust and bake in pan.   Remember to prick it before baking or you will have a big ole puffy sopapilla!  Yeah, I forgot.  Had to poke it back down
3--Peel the peaches and drop in water to keep them from turning dark.
4--Slice peaches to desired thickness.  I liked the slices that were sliced pretty thin, under 1/4" at the thickest side.
5--Mix the slices and nectar mixture.
6--Pour filling into shell after it cools.
7--Top with whipped topping of your choice.
8--Chill in fridge for a couple of hours

As we were eating and critiquing the pie, I asked the girls what they thought would make it better.  Brave, aren't I?  ( I have often left myself open for all kinds of "opinions" and now get them whether I ask for them or not!)

My daughter suggested using a cookie crust.  I do like that idea.   Here is the recipe for those HERE.

My DIL thought upping the sugar in the saucy stuff to counteract the tartness of some of the slices would be good.  I think that would be good and keep the light freshness for summer weather. I must admit, I liked the tartness, but I am such an ole sour puss that that isn't surprising!

When we finish the second pie, I will use up the rest of my peaches and share the results with you.

I was just enjoying another piece of my Fresh Peach Pie and found that the crust was just a little soggy in the bottom of the pie.  Drat!  I forgot to brush it with egg white!  The sides of the crust are still good so I just scooped the filling and grabbed a little crust from the side.  :-O

Bake your crust for about 10-12 minutes at 400 degrees, brush with slightly beaten egg whites.  Bake until it is lightly golden and looks dry.