Monday, April 18, 2011

New Category . . . . Thriftiness

I am addicted to weddings and bridal or baby showers.  I love to help at the celebrations surrounding these happy occasions.  One reason I help with these is that it should be a wonderful happy time for those involved in them.  I have offered my assistance many times to help out friends and it evolved from there.

I now have many materials to help create a base for decorating and fluffing.  Arches, tulle, lights, greenery, table cloths, serving dishes, you name it.  I am working on boxes to give lift to the serving tables for interest and create ease in self serving.

Why am I bringing this up?  Have you ever watched the shows on "reality" TV that deal with weddings?  It's insane!  Now is the time to think out of the box if you are involved with one of these wonderful occasions in your life.

If you have or as you attend other weddings, start making calls if there were things that you could use in your event!  When I go to a wedding, I am always looking for new ideas and what colors they have.

As you may be shopping, look at the "outlet" stores for serving and decorating pieces.  Most of my crystal trays and bowls have come from Ross, Marshal's thrift stores.  My goblets came from Costco, a real "splurge"  for me.  But they were a gonga deal or I wouldn't have bought them.

My arches were bought for half price after Christmas when my daughter got engaged that month.  They have been used in so many weddings and parties that I have lost count.

I need to go out and work before it gets too hot.  Can you believe I am saying that in April?   I am, we have been over 90 degrees several time and even in the 80's is hot to me  ;- ]

Out to my tire cutting . . . !