Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Summer is Coming!

I am busy like all other gardeners and still babysitting the world's most adorable grandkids, usually my monkey boys, if you get my drift.  But hang in there with me!

Our weather has been getting hot, cooling off  . . . . back and forth.  So blame Mother Nature for my not getting my summer kitchen up and running.


  • Getting the Heat Out of the Kitchen  -- Summer cooking on your patio or under shade in your back yard.  I;ll even swallow my pride and share with pictures this year.
  • Camping  ---  Baking on your Coleman stoves (liquid and propane), dutch oven cooking & whatever comes up as I go along.  Once I get going here I will remember other ways I have used to feed up to 50 people using only camp equipment!
  • Cooking with Limited Resources -- You never know when you may lose your power or gas source.  we used to have happen every summer in the violent summer storms.  We still do, or when a drunk driver takes out a pole or two.
  • Wonder Box Cooking -- I recently made some pinto beans, took pictures and then got sidetracked with grandkids so they sat there for 8 hours.  They were good and soft, but beans can be dangerous.  I would NOT suggest that!  Anyway, I  have taken my wonder box out, shooed my  two legged and four legged puppies off of it.  I have also put it into a box that was just the right size.  I will share some pictures of it & where to get one if you are interested.
Hoping you will stay in touch!