Thursday, August 27, 2009

School Has Started .... Have You Reclaimed Your Life Yet?

I am a grandmother of five absolutely darling children. Only the oldest has started kindergarten, the next one has her birthday in November, so has to wait. What does this have to do with food storage, well, nada! I just thought that I would have more time when everyone was back into school.
Both mothers work in schools, one GC is in school now, another GC in preschool two days a week and I just thought that life would settle down now . . . you know like when I was a school kid. Maybe I was just naive and clueless. Who knows. Anyway, I am going to get back on track with posting again. Life has been so hectic, I haven't even been posting much on my personal blog, and that is usually much almost daily since it doesn't take long.

1. Gabriel, kindergarten 2. Garrett, preschool 3. Tati, the taster & Arianna, the supervisor, during a home school lesson at Grandma Sabrina's.

  • More Make-A-Mixes.
  • More using pantry items.
  • Inventorying the pantry, what is in mine and why.
  • Storing your food so that it can be rotated.
  • Using Coupons & combining with weekly sales -- guests will help with these posts.
  • Reemphasizing the Church's stand on storage, preparedness, and starting with the 3-month supply.
  • Cooking when the power or gas is off.