Friday, April 23, 2010


Right now I am using powdered milk daily, several times daily.  Putting myself on rations has been good for me.  I am finding out where I have stored way too much and where I am perhaps short.

Other good information I have gained, is that. as short as we feel we are financially, we are doing better than we were 25 - 32 years ago.  Back then I wouldn't have cut a hot dog up in our omelet this morning and I would have used re-hydrated TVP that had been saute'ed in bacon grease.

I always go looking for new information when I return to using my supplies.  It's impossible to have too much information, at least in this department!

Today I am gleaning all I can from this website on EHow.COM .  Check it out HERE.

Little Side Note  - - I have always mixed my non-instant powdered milk in  blender.  I bought this little gem to make baby food and other small blending jobs.  Since it had a smallish traditional blender top, I sent my big top over to my single daughter and her roomies.  Little did I know that this top would allow milk to slosh everywhere!  I really don't need any help in the messy dept.

Yesterday I decided to try the way that my mom always blended flour and milk or water for gravy.  

I put half the water in a gallon jug, added all the powder needed to make a gallon of milk and shook it for a while.  Let it sit to allow any lingering lumps to get soggier.   Shook it a little more and its the best blending job I've had.  No powder sticking to the sides or lid.  Definitely the way to go for me from now on!