Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Orange Chicken . . . . With My "Improvements" !

I had my favorite kitchen helper, well maybe not my favorite helper, but he is my favorite person (my "Old Feller"), make the fresh orange zest. The bottle of dried zest says that 1 teaspoon equals 1 teaspoon of fresh. I haven't found that in making my own, 1 Tablespoon fresh = 1 teaspoon when I have dried it.

Here the chicken is, fried all crispy. "Old Feller" and I had a hard time staying out of these while I was getting them all fried and then making the sauce. The coating fries up very light and fluffy, just as it is. If you put more seasonings in the dip, it wouldreally be yummy just as it is!

I know, this doesn't have all the changes I made, but I wanted to get this much on. I am going to make the other style, non-fried style, in a few minutes, so I will take more pictures at the same time.

Thinking Healthy as You Prepare . . .

I signed up for SparkPeople on the internet a long time ago because it seemed to have a lot of good advise that were reasonable and do-able. I have found some great guide lines for helping me lose and then hold my weight. Isn't it great what we can find, at no cost?

Whenever I label a post, "Better for Your Health", I have defatted and probably lowered the carbs & salt in it. I have been shocked at what the food industry has created as they throw instant food type products at us. Water retention & diabetes have taught me a lot! The same eating principles are good for everyone, and could actually help others from developing these health conditions, which are terrible common in today's world.

This morning, while checking out some of the emails from SparkPeople, I found the website showing Chef Meg's videos where she is demonstrating ways to make healthier versions of some pretty yummy foods. Check it out HERE. I cruised through a few of them. They sound delicious, many can be used as leftovers, a must in my house, and pretty simple to make . . . . without too much invested time.

Sparkpeople also is publishing some top tips for losing weight and improving health, successfully. By successfully, I mean, permanently. You can find the first nine tips HERE.

Keeping this in mind, I will repost the Orange Chicken I made last night.