Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The day is over.  Kathy was wonderful, wish I had a picture of her up there. She was taking the pictures of the first group and then was manning the two heaps of coals.and getting all those cute little foils packs cooked.  We decided that it would have been way better with three of us . . . . and that was with LOTS of help coming in and voluterring from all the adults leaders up there who were not  occupied at the moment.  I had to teach them as well., but they were so great to jump in . . .  and saved the day.

Here are just a very few pictures. . . . . . . . can you tell that it was the third day for most of them in a very hot, dusty dirty camp?    The camp is over 7,000 ft, but just how cool can you be when you are surrounded by HOT desert?

Finally got there after following slo-o-o-o-ow construction trucks all the way up.


The girls seemed to really like all that we made.  Only one chicken foilie didn't get eaten completely.  Everything else got eaten.

I may be wrong, but the best news of the day was when some of the leaders came & wanted to check out what the girls were talking about.   some of the girls had to come back to get their orange spice cupcakes, and showed up . . . happy Dance! Just talked to Kathy and she said that everyone was still talking about the food later in the day (she stayed up after I left to come home).  there is the reference for the dishes that I will be posting tomorrow and Friday.    Didn't get pictures up there since we were working so fast, so one guess what I will be eating the next couple of days . . . . but NOT heating up my kitchen!!!

Each class was 45 minutes.  In that time the girls were able to put together Baggie Omelets, HERE, Orange Rind Cupcakes, Pineapple Sweet & Sour Chicken Foilie, and Chile Stacks in a Bag, HERE.  By the second group they got to eat everything except the cupcake. before they left.  Just to give you sense of time.