Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Quick Update and Enjoying Some Lemonade . . .

I made the CELERY SALAD again. I used craisins (dried cranberries) instead of the dried cherries, less expensive, and toasted the pecans more this time. It is even better than the first version!

I made the CURRY with no meat a few days ago. I just used beef broth powder. It was almost as good as the version with the ground beef. When I made it with a can of chicken from Costco and chicken broth, it was lighter and in a way I liked it even better.

I have the first make-a-mix ready to post, yummy waffles! I do have to type it up n
ow that I have all the amounts figured out, and I forgot to take pictures when I made them . . . :-} Sorry it is taking so long.

I have been getting the extra fruit from Bountiful Baskets. It is ripening fast since my home is so warm. Trying to keep up is crazy! I am so thankful that I have found this great source for putting fruit up for our family! It has been years and it is a beautiful sight! This is grape jelly, apples slices, apple butter, apricot/pineapple jam, bing cherries, and mango/pineapple jam. I missed the blackberry jam when I made the picture. Today I am bottling the peaches, as they ripen . . I have to go through them and do a few each day since they are ripening at different rates At least I won't have such a completely miserable swamp to live in this way.

I am so thankful that this opportunity BB (Bountiful Baskets) has come into Tucson for obtaining fresh produce. It was getting kind of discouraging with the garden as it has had good and bad days. I know, what should a person expect from beds that have been neglected for years? Nothing has happened but all the good soil being washed away for years.

All the good produce that I have been able to afford, has reminded me what my goal is and that it will take time. I have met some really nice people who can give me lots of guidance on gardening here, that is encouraging. When the new BB comes in, it gives me a lift and I get outside again and keep at it. Is there anything as wonderful as early morning air, gentle early sun rays shining on your back ,the birds singing all around you and finding something new that has struggled against the odds to grow? Not much, except family!

I would really encourage all of you who have any room to garden, however you can. it will give your soul a lift not much else can. God has given man intelligence that has made it possible for those with just a porch or patio to even garden in containers. Check out this master gardeners ideas and successes at Prudent Homemaker. She has great ideas, that work!