Friday, July 31, 2009

Confessions . . . of a Tired Ole Grandma


Friday, I decided to clean my oven, even I can only take so much smoke. Now don't be too shocked, I am showing my oven. Just like on the BBQ and stove top, I seem to find a way to boil over, spill and produce my "home cooked" smoke where ever I cook. Mariah gave me teflon oven liner a couple of years ago and does it ever save me time.

It took five minutes to remove that and get the shiny oven using just that little green scrubby pad and dish soap. No fumes from spraying or when I turned the oven the next time. The liner also took about five minutes to clean. I love it!

I have a self-cleaning oven . . . hate the heat, hate the smoke and scared of that high of a temperature inside my home. I had an oven missing insulation once and that one would have started a fire if I had run it in the cleaning mode!

These teflon liners are found at Bed, Bath & Beyond for about $10.00. Don't forget to take in a 2o% off coupon! they are so worth the investment!

I was taking some garlic out of the freezer the other day and wondered if I was the last one to discover this. When you put the whole bulb of garlic in a plastic bag, into the freezer, it makes cooking with it quick and easy.

Take out the number of cloves you need about 5 minutes before to thaw. Just slip the skins off and mince or smash, whatever form you need.

I have quit buying the minced in the jar . . . a lazy little habit I developed a few years ago.