Friday, August 7, 2009

Storing Lettuce . . . . Without the Slime! and Mushrooms

I just ran across this tip and personally, I am kind of excited! It all makes sense to me. To check it out click HERE.

When I bring home fresh mushrooms, I always peel the cellophane back and lay a folded paper towel over
the top to absorb the moisture. Then I stretch the cover back over it and punch a few small holes in the cellophane to let the mushrooms "breath". If the towel gets too wet, I change it out. I lay the first one to the side to use for wiping out cast iron skillet or if it is a big carton of mushrooms from Costco, I might have to rotate the paper towels again before I use them all up.

Yes, I can be major cheapskate, gotta love it!