Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Aphid War Update

I did the soapy water spray on my collards and broccoli plants that had picked up a few too many residents. I sprayed all over the place until the leaves were dripping. then I sprayed all over the ground underneath in case some had dropped there. Everyday I treated the leaves the same and found significantly fewer by the third day. Now, I check them every two or three days. In fact, today while I was taking pictures, I checked and found a few. . . . out came the soapy water!

The broccoli showed very little damage and the collard greens had some damage on a few leaves, but look at them now!

I have planted some marigold flowers amongst the plants to try to help with the garden pests. I have also plants some other flowers that are supposed to attract butterflies and humming birds. I hope they will bring in more of those nice critters than bees ;-)

1. Collard greens, ready for picking a little snack. 2. Two of the broccoli plants. 3. My crazy little anaheim peppers in the crazy little tub. These seem to be the happiest little plants in my little garden!

Judging from the color in some of the leaves, I need to do a little fertilizing!

Liz shared a great website with me that has tons of good guidelines on it . . . . Check it out HERE! I am treating my squash plants with the calcium to see if I can get some of my many little squash to last long enough to ripen and pick! I am going ahead treating the zucchini plant at the same time, just in case. I have also swiped the zucchini back from my daughter,( can you believe it) and planted it next to the big plant I already have growing. I hope it will have more little boy blooms to "court" my little girl blooms. Growing it in a pot wasn't working very well. Hopefully, I have not waited too long and it will revive in the ground.