Friday, February 19, 2010


I was snooping at what was coming and saw pommelos. Hm-m-m-m what the heqq is that anyway? So I went to the internet and found several videos on how to peel and eat them.

They should be called meal-in-a-peel. One video had a pommelo that had to be head size! Any way, have fun this week ! I went and got my basket, came home and tried one of these big ole guys . . they are really quite good. Aren't bitter like grapefruit. It was a bit of a project to do all the peeling but well worth it. Some of my kids don't want theirs . . . goody!!


Last May, I shared this home made laundry soap with you after trying it and being so pleased. I made a HUGE batch of it and just cruised through my laundry for the next few months . . . and started to wonder . . . hm-m-m-m.

This week a great friend came and spent a couple of days sewing some dresses for brides maids in her son's wedding. (The girls live down here and it just seemed easier for her to get them done and then get on to the rest of the sewing she needed to do.) Such a wonderful visit for both of us, but back to the point.

I was folding some laundry, whites, and I asked her if she was still using the soap. She told me no, that she noticed her whites were getting gray and just used it on the outer grungy clothes after that. When I asked her why she didn't let me know, she had the nerve to say she was afraid to tell me. I'm still not sure what to think of that, but I told her I wanted feed back.

I have noticed the same thing. I thought maybe I had made it up wrong when I did the large amount, but I guess not. At first my whites got so white and I was having the ring in my husband's shirt collars come right out. Now I have some majorly gray whites. I dug out a whole load of whites, even out of drawers, soaked them in hot clorox water, for hours, and have my white clothes gleaming again.

I will use up the batch, small one, washing the darker clothes and work clothes. I may still keep it around because my hubby and I do love the clean smell it gives our laundry, as in no perfumes.

  • Well, like I just said, I will continue to use it for the dark colored clothes.
  • When made up into a paste, it gets out even old stains quite well. I used it on table cloth stains, grease stains in my clothes, I am the messiest cook in town.
  • As a paste, I have used it for all kinds of cleaning around the house and liked it.
Here are some of the results I shared way back last May: