Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Promises, Promises . . . . . Germ Warfare . . . .

I am going to learn to not be such an "optimist" some day. The other foot has remained down on the ground, firmly planted, but we will survive it, just as we did the first few years of marriage.. the bugs already swirling around town might be another story!

Three weeks and I am finally feeling less crummy . . which brings me to something I feel is important.

What are we all doing to stay healthy?

I'm "only 59" not that old, reasonably healthy, compared to many in my stage of life, but three weeks and still counting, is a little longer to take to get over a simple cold! So I would like to refer you to this post on another blog. Click HERE. It could save you a lot of money, misery and yes, even your life. I have known people who have almost lost their lives or have, to simple bugs that are going around.
Please teach your kids, spouses and yourselves to


  • Use soap!
  • Use warm water.
  • Scrub as long as it takes to sing the birthday song in your mind.
  • Dry them and then use the paper towel to open the door if in a public place. If there is no trash right by the door, carry it with you until you see a trash can, with the surface the touched the door handle folded in so that you don't touch it again.
This such a simple thing, that it must sound too insignificant but it isn't!

**I really trying to get some more posts together, but between being sick, babysitting grand kids or taxiing them and helping with a couple of weddings, I have been a little overloaded.**