Tuesday, August 11, 2009

CHILE RELLENOS ... NOT From the Freezer!

If you want to enjoy real rellenos, read on. If you want those strange things all battered up with thick stuff, not sure what, go to your favorite "Mexican" restaurant or the freezer section in the grocery store. I tried one of those and went back to the ones that I grew up eating with my mom ... well, kind of, I can't seem to leave anything alone!

Start with fresh green chiles, and roast them.
1. I usually roast them in the broiler of the oven, 2. When I have a whole bunch of them, I use the BBQ grill. 3. Put them in a zip-lock bag and let them steam.

4. When the chiles get cool enough, it is time to peel them. Just find a place that the skin is loose and start peeling it way from the flesh part of the chile. Oops! Missed a step! Grab the step at the widest part of the stem and pull off. It will bring the seeds out with it. 5. To make the rellenos, beat an egg, season with salt, onion, garlic powder and sometimes red chile powder. Growing up we just used a little salt. If you want to get really wild, you can used Mexican or taco seasoning. Stir this up with a fork or whisk. That is a little buttermilk that I add now to make it a little more fluffy. 6.Time to stuff those little buggers! Cut strips of cheese, push one down into each chile pepper pocket.

7. When you get them all stuffed, dip into the egg mixture. 8. Lay them in a greased or buttered pan set on low to medium low. 9. Cover with a lid and check them every couple of minutes.

10. When the egg is starting to look it is setting up, it is time to turn them. 11. It is usually hard to turn them all at once unless it is just a couple in a small skillet. 12. Time to eat up! these are great with a wonderful salad. Topping off with salsa is also yummy.