Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In case you haven't noticed, I do feed you a lot of my opinion.  I am posting a lot of what may appear as pretty dry information right now, but it is because it is important.  These sources are often where my opinion comes from, LOTS of reading and research.  

When my family was young we had to struggle so hard to make ends meet and I was determined to give my children a good healthy start.  That was the incentive to learn at first.  Now I have type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and just need to be healthy again, so I continue to read and learn.  My kids often felt pick on because their friends had “better” lunches, but often they were not getting even the basics of good nutrition.  

When you look at how most of us eat now, you can see more than one reason for the prophet's counsel.  A three month supply is more attainable, but it also will be the foods that your family will be used to eating.

In this post, I am including the food pyramid that will help you plan your daily diet. Hopefully, this will help you plan your daily nutrition and assist in planning your 3-month supply.  

If you aren't following this pretty closely, I challenge to do it. You will feel better.  If you are LDS, you will be following the Word Of Wisdom, D & C 89.

Every individual does not like the same foods. Each family member should have some

input into planning what foods to store. A simple, sensible rule is to store the foods that you normally eat, if they provide an adequate diet. 


Now, you have a good idea where and how to store your food, and have some good guidelines on what should be stored for good nutrition.  Check out  and click on helpful tips and then menu chart.  The shopping list link will give you a great start to organize your shopping!   Another good site would be

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