Friday, March 20, 2009

Where Bread Came From . . . Really . . !

According to the show, Modern Marvels, bread was invented 10,000 years ago when someone left their porridge next to the fire.  It turned into a cracker  . . .   and the rest is history!  No, Really!  

This little cave woman came up to the fire and found this bowl sitting there.  It wasn't scraped out, much less rinsed and loaded into the dishwasher (aka hollow rock).  She saw the petrified goo in the bottom of it, 
tasted and said, "Yum, this is good.  I need to write down the recipe or I'll never remember it!"  so we all need to try it, I dare you!

I told Jon about it, he chuckled and gave me his version of how bread was invented.  
"Heavenly Mother came down to the Garden of Eden, sat down with Eve and and said 'OK sweetie, lets talk'.

 Don't know about ya'll, but I vote for Jon's version!

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