Monday, June 8, 2009


My yellow squash bush is blooming and producing like crazy. The only problem is that the poor little squash keeps rotting on the bloom end. Does anyone know why this is happening and what I can do about it?

I am also fighting wilt like crazy on my tomatoes. They are in a bed that has never had tomatoes in them before and live in the hotter regions of AZ. Any suggestions on how to control that problem??


  1. Hi-I live in the Phx area too and the reason why your squashes are rotting is that they are not being pollinated. Squashes, cucumbers and melons all have "male" and "female" flowers. The "female" flower has the fruit on the end and a bee, or some other bug needs to take the pollen from the "male" flower to the female flower. The "male" flowers don't have fruit on the end of them-they just have straight stems. You can pollinate the flowers yourself early in the morning-I'm doing this right for my cucumber plants because I have some plants that have only female flowers and others have only male. Weird, huh? As far as your tomato wilt, I'm not sure except I know that there is a tomato disease that causes wilt. Sorry this is so long but I hope this helps!

  2. Thanks for responding. I have wondered if I would have better luck with two plants. I posted this on my personal blog as well and a friend has directed me to an excellent website I plan to post on the blog.

  3. Try checking on this website:

    I just found it this morning and am checking out all the tips now. I've been looking for something like this that is specific to the hot, AZ weather. I hope it helps as much as I think it will.