Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cream Soups Mix

Having a grandson who is soy intolerant and sensitive to dairy, can create some challenges in the kitchen! Add some women who are needing to cut down on their salt, and it makes it even tougher. That is why you will be getting lots of "healthier for you" recipes on this blog. Reading all the gook that are added to so many of your prepared foods is also a good reason to get creative and feed your family a more healthy diet.

Last night I tried making a cream soup mix that I found on Chef Tess's blog. Click HERE to find lots of great cooking and baking recipes.

The soup was great and this morning I will be making it up as a master mix along with the cream of mushroom soup so that I will be ready in a moment's notice! Yes, I will be making some adjustments so that they will be completely from pantry ingredients . . . come on now!! I am getting back into the groove, finally

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