Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I feel kind of guilty doing this, but I have found some wonderful posts on other blogs. So here are the links to find them.

On Providently Living, she has a link to this website, Our Best Bites. This happens to be a post on spices, but go ahead and take a cruise through the site, you'll be glad you did! I think they are from Louisiana, a guarantee to have lots of good cooking information . . those southerners, especially from the deep south, know their way around the kitchen. Speaking from experiences from visiting lots of southern relatives!

I stand corrected, this couple live in Utah, though they do mention Louisiana and have some southern cooking included . . . still a winner!!!

The other site I found is on Food Storage Made Easy. A reader sent it to them and they turned it into a pdf file that can be downloaded. It is loaded with information, the most comprehensive I have ever seen.

This site also had the link for a great deal on organizing your can goods in your cupboards.Can organizers are located HERE. yes, these are made of cardboard, but I think they would still hold up well. I plan to order some this week and will let you know what I think!

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  1. Our Best Bites girls are in Utah! Go figure! Try the black bean soup. KILLER GOOD!!!!