Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Laundry Soap . . . . More Suggestions From a Comment

Anonymous said...

I have been using a very similar recipe for two years. If you put a scoop of Oxi-Clean in with the whites, you will not have any grey-white clothes; my clothes come out of the washer bright white (BTW the clothes will last longer using Oxi-Clean rather than bleach).

Also, don't forget the vinegar rinse!

I would love to ask "Anonymous" a couple of questions! So if you drop back by, hope you will let me know how to contact you.

I have had mixed results with Oxi-Clean. It seemed to work better when I lived in Northern AZ in red dirt country and had harder water. Would that make a difference? Do you use the powder or liquid. Does that make a difference. When do you use vinegar in your rinse water? All the time or just when you are washing whites. I know apple cider vinegar is a great rinse for your hair. Leaves it clean and shiny! I have also used white vinegar in lots of cleaning situations.

Please share your secrets!!

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  1. I have dropped back by! I will be happy to answer questions!! (I use the vinegar rinse for every load.) I too have 'red clay' soil and the Oxi-Clean does wonders for me. I do not have really hard water. You can contact me at to ask additional questions, if you would like.