Thursday, July 8, 2010


How many of you just can hardly wait until St. Patrick's Day comes around each year?  OK, we don't wait now, we used to when the kids were younger, but now we celebrate several times a year. Wouldn't that be a wonderful, hardy meal when you're camping, or just want to bake it outside on the coals or grill?  Here we go!!

STEP ONE:  Cut a nice thick slice of watermelon.
STEP TWO:  When the knife falls, don't catch it . .  to avoid the next step.
STEP THREE:  You didn't listen to me did you?  Now go get a band-aid while I wait!


  • Cabbage
  • Corned beef (left-over or canned)
  • Onions, diced
  • Potatoes, diced

Building your Foilie:

  • Lay out plenty of foil
  • Spread the cabbage leaves (a layer of shredded cabbage would be good in this one)
  • Break up the canned or cut up the left-over corned beef
  • Sprinkle around the leaves, along with the diced potatoes and minced onion.
  • Salt and Pepper to taste

Wrap it!:
  • Bring the two edges of foil together, evenly.
  • Fold over about 3/4 inch. Crease tightly and smoothly.
  • Fold a second time
  • Turn the fold down flat on the top of your foilie
  • Now do the same with the ends

Sorry the pics are not very clear.  I will try again using paper and when I have some here to snap the camera!

Pantry or Camping Style Ingredients:  Easy to keep from spoiling
  • Canned Corn Beef
  • Dehydrated Diced Potatoes
  • Dried Minced Onions
  • Dehydrated Shredded Cabbage

  Oh gross!!!  Blah!   Now stop it.  I used lots of these kind of ingredients at the with the Girl's  Camp and they:
          A.  Didn't know the difference
          B.  Loved the food.

Rehydrate the Dried foods : 

  • Hot tap water will help speed the hydration, if you are camping, plan ahead and warm the water, but don't have boiling or anywhere near it!  They won't come out as well.  
  • While you are cleaning up from breakfast or lunch would be a great time to start this for the next meal.  
  • They say that it only takes - minutes, but I find they cook up better if they have more time.
Assemble and Wrap:
  • Just like you would do the foilie from the fresh ingredients.  I actually used a mix to use up some fresh foods that needed it before they spoiled. 

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