Sunday, July 11, 2010

Old Dogs Can Always Learn New Tricks!

I just spent a very long wonderful day with all good things to do and learn,  It was Super Saturday at church for the Relief Society.  If yo are not familiar with that group, it is one of the auxiliary for women, 18 and over in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  All of us who participate find it to be a wonderful support for us and our families.  We have leaders who are called to teach, serve and mentor us, whatever age and stage of life we may be in.  It is a privilege to serve in Relief Society which brings growth to us when we are in that capacity as well.

Some times we have "Super Saturdays", where we just get together and do things, learn things and enjoy the time to be together as friends, sisters and mothers/daughters.   It got a little long for Mariah and I since our day started with Bountiful Baskets at 5:00 am. Linda, in the middle, was pretty well in charge today since the others presidency members were not able to come.. No one can make a girl feel more welcome and comfortable.

I did teach a quick class about making bread and learned so much.  It 's kind of funny, I have been making bread since the mid 70's and just learn/relearned many bread making principles.  After all those years making it by hand, I still have to remember that machines can actually over develop your gluten.  I absolutely destroyed one batch one batch  and then wiped out the yeast trying to keep some attack dough live and workable so that everyone could knead it and get the "feel" of good bread dough texture.  It was so funny/weird watching it sit there and just go belly up . . . . . .   will share all of this tomorrow with pictures as I make it all over again and do it right!!!  The little gal on the right with the dark ponytail was my partner in crime at Girls Camp.  she laughed when I told her that we were making dutch oven bread.  I was't kidding.  The Artisan bread can and would  bake beautifully in a dutch oven.  Yum!!  I'll have to do that on Monday.

ARTISAN BREAD  --  I just had to try these recipes.  I can not tell you how good this was!  It takes a little preplanning, but it was gone is 10 minutes.  If you ever go to restaurants and wish you could take home tones of that lovely bread with the light crunchy crust and wonderful melt in your mouth soft chewy insides, you want to try this bread!!  It's easy and will make any simple meal gourmet!  Wish I had taken pictures of it.  I will tomorrow!

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