Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I had some lovely white dish towels from the institute here at home a while back.  I decided to layer them in between the layers of biscuits that I baked here at home rather doing mighty battle with the ovens from, "you know where". Now what I had forgotten is how much fat was in those biscuits.  Those poor towels were such a mess but . .  I forgot when I washed and dried them.  Talk about nasty yellow stains.  They also developed a rancid odor, yuck!

So I brought them home again and thought about it for a week.  I noticed the box of Borax and thought It wouldn't hurt anything.  I also had a new bottle of a good degreaser(purple stuff from Sams Club but any good degreaser would probably work) to add to the mix.  Unfortunately, I didn't measure when I loaded the washer.

The Guesstimations are:
1--Enough HOT water to the small load level
2--About 1 1/2 qts. of the degreaser
3--About 2 - 3 cups of Borax.

 I agitated it for a few minutes to make sure it was all stirred up good and then let it soak for several hours.  then let it agitate for the longest cycle and put it through the extra rinse.

Everything came out very white, clean and smelling like  . .  nothing.  Now that is the true smell of  "clean"!  I had also added some real stinkers that had been waiting out in the garage including a table cloth that has been through several "war zones" trying to get some old, yellowed grease stains out of it.

Guess Grandma knew what she was doing!

* * * * I did a second load when I found some of those same nasty towels that had been kicked out of the way. Cut amounts in half and used warm water.  They still came out beautifully!

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