Monday, April 12, 2010

Let's Go Camping!!!

I have a friend named Terri.  she is such a goofy nut and we always have had so much fun.  Well, this year she is the camp director for the girls at church.  She and I have been talking about ideas for feeding the girls that week and I finally decided that this is a good idea for my little "hobby" here.

  • I will be posting some good ideas for when you want to go camping with your families.  
  • Many of these ideas will also be handy for if and when you may be facing some of the disasters that we have been watching over the last few years.  We never know when we might lose our power.
  • How about just saving bookoo bucks while on vacation?  We have always traveled with our camp stove handy and had great hot meals at many rest areas or scenic view spots while traveling.  Make sure you have a camera handy.  We have gotten some pretty funny looks from other travelers when doing this.  The looks range from, "Are you guys nuts?" to "Hey, why didn't we think of that?" and to "Why don't you do that?" from kids to their parents, while they are eating their dry PBJ's and mushy apples. 

First ---- I would like to bring back on old post making omelets in baggies dropped in boiling water.  This is a great way to give each person some control over what they are eating.  Big deal to teenagers!  I have moved the post to follow right after this one.

Next - - - - Let's try an idea that Terrie's assistant, Breck, gave her.  How many of you love to make chile stacks.  You know, where you put chips in a bowl, pour hot chile beans over them, sprinkle on some cheese, a few chopped green onions, maybe some diced tomatoes, some sour cream . . . .  sound good?

Here is how to make STACKS IN A BAG!

I'm using some posse stew since I made some this morning, we are empty-nesters and I really don't need to have too many leftovers around the house!  I do, unfortuantely love my own cooking, well most of the time, I do.   The more leftovers, the more I munch and I do have to get that last 30 lbs. off or my little bitty doctor will give me stink eye again when I go back in.

To make the Stacks in a Bag: 

  • Have each person choose their favorite chips.  This is a great way to make others feel like they have some say in what they are eating, good PR, you might say.  
  • Open the top, fold down a little if you can to make it stand open better.

  • Have 2-3 paper napkins in your hand to insulate when you put the hot chile into the bag!
  • Put the "chile" over the top of the chips.  

  • Now you can sprinkle a little cheese & other goodies on the top 
  • Stir it up good. 
  • Chow down!

With all the wonderful salad mixes available now, you can have a wonderful meal in no time.  Now I am such a skin flint, it can be hard for me to buy those salad mixes.  But when traveling, I have realized that it is so much cheaper than going into a restaurant that I can make myself do it. 

Talk about quick and easy clean up!  I loved it today because I have several other posts I am trying to get on here. 

Remember to check out the omelets in a baggie following this post.  I am making several at once this afternoon so that I can give you a better idea how long it takes to cook when several are in a pot.  Just in case it takes longer.  (OK, then I don't have to make breakfast each morning the rest of the week.  All I will have to do is warm one up add a little cereal or toast and have a nice hot breakfast in a manor of minutes .   ;+D  Gotta love it!

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