Monday, April 12, 2010


Earlier today, I mentioned Chili Stacks.  I just figured everyone knew what they were.  After doing a google search on the internet, I realized that what I was talking about isn't on any of the normal recipe sites.  I have some yummy Chili that my daughter-in-law brought over for me.  I will make Chili Stacks tomorrow and post the pictures.

Can you tell that I am a born and raised soutwesterner?  I mean, come on, everyone has made chili stacks, right?

I also made red enchilada sauce from whole dried red chilies.  Will post that tomorrow as well. It turned out so good.  It's been quite awhile since I made the sauce this way. 

It will probably be in the evening . . . going to have ankle biters a-a-a-a-ll day, through supper.

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